The best ice fishing line for walleye – Comparison, Reviews and buying guide

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Choosing The Best Ice Fishing Line For Walleye is the most important requirement for walleye ice fishing anglers. Ice fishing habitats include more adverse conditions than fishing in normal and warm waters, such as extremely cold water.

Therefore, when you go fishing in ice you will require specialized lines. There is a wider range of specialized ice fishing lines. This includes monofilament lines, fluorocarbon lines, and braided lines on the market. 

In this article, we will present a review of the 5 top ice fishing lines that we think are the best for walleye fishing. We also presented a comparison between the 3 main types of fishing lines to help you make a wiser decision. Also, at the end of the article, you will find a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right ice fishing line for fishing walleye and for your fishing technique.

Comparison between different types of ice fishing lines

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You may not know which type of line is right for you to buy. we will help you to choose the best ice fishing line suitable for your needs. First, here is a comparison between different types of ice fishing lines.

keep reading to learn more detailed information about the main three types of fishing lines: monofilament, fluorocarbon, ​and braid.


Monofilament is considered the best overall fishing line for most fishing types. This includes open water and ice fishing.

Monofilament has some specific characteristics that improve performance. It also makes it more comfortable and smooth including the following:

  • It offers more strength per diameter.
  • handles very well even in the icy extreme cold more than other lines.
  • Mono also can stretch 25 percent or more, And it is good for shock absorption when hooked up to a large fish.
  • Monofilament line has less memory than fluorocarbon. This should be a consideration if you are fishing with small spinning reels that have a spool about the diameter of a quarter.
  • It is inherently low-viscosity.

6-to-10-pound is a good choice when targeting walleye fish at 30 feet depths. Also, use them when going heavier while fishing waters with large fish.

On the bad side, mono is neutrally buoyant meaning that it doesn’t sink or float. This is considered an impediment. It makes it difficult to fish small ice jigs at depths over 15 feet efficiently. It also can make it difficult to detect bites and hooksets when fishing in deep water (low sensitivity).


Many anglers like fluoro as it virtually disappears underwater. It is a big advantage especially when they are targeting line-shy fish.

Fluoro also has another advantage that it sinks which makes it so easy to get baits deeper and faster. It also offers good abrasion resistance. Fluorocarbon stretches like mono but is slightly slower than mono. This gives fluoro better sensitivity and so hooksets, especially when going deeper waters.

On the downside, fluorocarbons have more memory than mono and braid. For that reason, you should fish it with a big-arbor in-line reel to reduce coiling and line twist. [1]

Fluoro’s stiffness affects lure action, especially with small baits. So, you should fish the lightest fluoro as you can.

If you’re choosing fluorocarbon, 2- 5-to 6-pound are superior options for fish species like walleye.


Braid has virtually zero stretchability, so it offers incredible sensitivity and superior hooksets.

We can summarise braid features in the following points:

  • Braid lines ice up more than mono and fluoro, and it is more visible for fish. 
  • Braided lines float, minimizing sink rates on very lightweight jigs made of tungsten, tin, or lead.
  • Braided diameter at light break-strengths is somewhere half that of fluorocarbon. It allows baits to come alive under the water.
  • Braids also can absorb line twists better than mono and fluoro. Fishing it with small arbor spinning reels can’t affect memory.
  • Its low stretchability enables you to catch many of those fish that pick a bait thanks to its high sensitivity.

Here is a tip when using a braided line: don’t swim far away with it (getting it deep down). This commonly occurs with deep-water crappie, making it very impossible for bites detection.

The Braid line offers low memory, small diameter, and high sensitivity. However, it lacks when it comes to invisibility underwater. If line visibility is an important factor for you. you can simply add a 4-foot or somewhere leader of light fluoro or mono using Uni Knot Back-to-back.

After this comparison, what’s the right line for fishing in ice? The choice is up to you. 

5 Best Ice Fishing Lines For Walleye

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In a hurry? here is our list:

Monofilament Fishing Lines For Walleye

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Fishing Line

I know that many anglers don’t use monofilament lines that much recently. However, I still believe that Monos still has some strong points that other types don’t present. Berkley Trilene Micro fishing lines work well as ice fishing lines. While it cannot land some monsters like musky fishing, this line works well with other smaller species including trout, walleye, and crappie. 

The line is available in 5 different pound variants starting for 2 to 8 pounds. It’s also available in clear steel and solar colors. The visibility can do the job, but you can’t compare it to other fluorocarbon variants. I like that it has low stretchability and great sensitivity. Though it has some memory that I don’t like, I can’t deny that it helps in tying knots. 

Another drawback that you will notice is that this ice fishing line isn’t available in heavy weights. However, if you’re hoping to catch walleye, the sizes available are more than enough. 


  • High Sensitivity and strength.
  • Good shock resistance which makes it suitable for ultralight walleye lures.
  • Good for tying knots.


  • Less visibility than other fishing line types. 
  • It has some memory.
  • Not available in heavy sizes. 

Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line

Sufix Magic fishing line is one of those that are suitable for all weather conditions but to its best in icy conditions. This line is available in 2 colors: neon orange and clear. It’s also available in 7 sizes from 1 to 8 pounds. 

The Sufix Magic Ice fishing line is strong enough and you can still manage it in low temperature and frigid water without noticing any breakage.

Regarding durability, no one wants to change his fishing line very often. This fishing line is durable and can deal with rough ice ridges in a good way. I also like that it has special additives which repel water that causes ice build-up even when it’s freezing down there. It also sinks fast which gives you the chance to mimic natural presentations. 

Like with most monofilament lines, Sufix magic lines are flexible and good for tying knots. However, it has some kind of memory that may bother you. Also, It’s a little visible in the water. 

Overall, I think that the Sufix Magic Ice fishing line is strong, durable, and has features that enable it to be used in icy conditions. 


  • Low Stretchability.
  • Deters water absorption.
  • Good for tying knots.
  • Strong.


  • Visible in water.
  • Not available in heavy sizes.
  • The memory.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines For Walleye

KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line 

The Kastking Fluorokorre fishing line isn’t 100% PVDF.  The truth is that it’s made of copolymer and coated with 100% fluorocarbon. It has similar light refracting properties as water. What does this mean?

It means that this fishing line is nearly invisible in the water. This is considered a superior point to most fishing lines because it makes it much easier to catch walleye. The copolymer part of this line provides better knot strength. It also makes it easier to cast. This is where this line stands more compared to regular fluorocarbon lines. 

Regarding sensitivity. Honestly, I believe that a pure fluorocarbon has more sensitivity than Kastking Fluorokote fishing lines. However, this doesn’t eliminate the fast the line is sensitive enough. Also, though the copolymer part improves knot tying and casting, it makes the line denser than usual. This fishing line also offers great abrasion resistance which makes it a good choice for those looking for durability. 

Overall, I think that this fishing line is impressive, and though it wasn’t specifically designed for ice fishing. Anglers reported that it works well in icy conditions. 


  • Very low visibility. 
  • Excellent knot strength.
  • Easy casting.
  • Very abrasion-resistant.


  • Not available in heavy weights.
  • Not very sensitive compared to pure fluorocarbon lines.
  • Denser than usual fishing lines in this category. 

P-Line Floroice Clear Fishing Line

What makes P-line floroice unique is that it offers a combination of the strong points of both monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. You get from it the invisibility of fluorocarbon with the shock resistance that comes from monofilament. 

The line is great when it comes to fishing perch, trout, bluegill, and crappie. It also performs with walleye, but not the same as the mentioned species. What makes it effective is that it’s nearly invisible in water which works well with sharp sight species of fish. 

The line is available in 6 sizes from 2 pounds to 8 pounds. I recommend choosing 6 – 8 pounds as the gold standard for fishing walleye. I also like that it has some good abrasion resistance qualities and excellent knot strength. 

Coming to the weak points of the P-line floroice, this line maintains its flexibility in the coldest weather. However, it also has some memory thanks to the fluorocarbon part of it. It’s also a little stiff and lacks a bit of sensitivity. 


  • Invisible fishing line.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of fishing species. 
  • Good abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength.


  • Just like the above-mentioned fishing lines, it doesn’t offer heavier weights.
  • Not as sensitive as other types of fishing lines. 
  • A little stiff. 
  • Have some twisting memory. 

Braided Fishing lines For Walleye

Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Line

The 2nd sufix fishing line on our list. What you will like about such a braided line is that it offers minimal diameter with superior strength. It also delivers exceptional sensitivity and low stretchability like most braided fishing lines. Sufix 832 braid ice fishing line is less likely to remember the shape of your spool.  

In addition, Suffix added hydrophobic protection to this line to protect it from line freezing. Using a braided line like this is suitable if you’re looking to fish in deep water thanks to its ability to sink easily. 

This fishing line is available in sizes from 4 to 30 pounds. But, it’s only available in one color which is the ghost. It’s more visible than fluorocarbon lines. However, the low diameter makes it nearly invisible to fish. 

Its cons include that It has some freezing issues. Also, like most braided lines, you will suffer from knot tying issues. A quick solution to this problem is by wetting your line before tightening it. 


  • Strong.
  • Available in heavier weights.
  • High Sensitivity and abrasion resistance. 
  • Small diameter which gives more space in the spool.


  • Some difficulties in knot tying.
  • Freezing issues. 

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Next Walleye Ice Fishing Line?

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There are so many types of Fishing Lines in the market, but what is the best Ice Fishing Line For Walleye? We will clarify some important tips for you to consider when choosing your new Ice fishing line.

But firstly you should put in your mind what is the main purpose of buying an ice fishing line? That is a specialized line for ice fishing that can allow having a long line, little freezing, and good abrasion resistance against ice edges. You also need to have the ability to quickly break it off if you need to catch something.

Below are some elements to consider to help determine the best suitable ice fishing line to choose.

Type of lures to use. 

Choose your line according to the following:

  1. The fluorocarbon line works well with spinnerbaits and swimbaits.
  2. The monofilament line is more suited for topwater bait.
  3. The braided line is used with heavier baits.

Target size 

Bigger fish require stronger lines that have good stretching for strike cushioning.

Depth of water 

The depth of water where you are casting the walleye bait should be well taken into consideration. Braided lines are more suited for deepwater. A 6 to 8-pound braid leader can let you sink your gear quickly when the fish pop up on the sonar or flasher. It also helps detect faint bites easier and maintains the natural action of a spoon, jig, or bait.

Line stretching and sensitivity have less impact in shallow water. So fluorocarbon and mono are more Ideal for shallower waters.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is an important deal while ice fishing.  Moving fishing lines and fighting fish below the sharp-edged ice holes all day puts you in a need for high-demand line durability.  

So Conventional monofilaments are not a perfect choice. They lack abrasion resistance and can cost you much money in lost gear.  So most experienced ice anglers prefer braid or fluorocarbon. These lines offer super abrasion resistance. They also maintain strength even when they are nicked by sharp ice.

But there is an important point that you need to remember. No matter what line you are using, the edge of the ice hole can cut all types of fishing lines if you are not using it carefully.  

Fishing technique

Braided lines are best suited for techniques such as frogging, finesse, and flipping. while fluorocarbon and monofilament lines are good to be used for jigging.

Color of the line

Ice water is usually clear, so you should use transparent lines to prevent fish from detecting them.

The line weight 

Walleye Ice fishing line weight is approximately the same for many situations. The 6 to 8-pound test line is the ideal choice for most walleye ice fishing. whether you are going to fish a weed line, nearly structure or going to a hard-to-soft transition deep down.

But if the water is very clear, you should use a lightweight leader because of the visibility issue. So a 4 to 6 pounds test fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible. 

Line memory

Line memory is a major factor that ice fishing lines are formulated to prevent. In warm temperatures, line stretchability is much better and the memory is lower when compared to ice conditions. 

There are so many all-season lines that combat line memory. But many manufacturers also treat ice lines with antifreeze compounds. This helps in preventing ice-based line memory, and also prevents lines from freezing to the rod.

So, when choosing your next ice fishing line, keep in mind that you have to get one with low memory.


In this article, we learned more detailed information about the main different types of fishing lines. We also review the 5 best ice fishing lines for walleye that we believe are the best this year. We also presented its pros and cons that you should consider to easily decide which one to buy.

We also presented the major factors to consider when choosing a suitable ice line according to your own needs. We hope this helps you in making a successful fishing trip.

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