What Are The Best Bait For Walleye In Summer?

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Here is our review of the best bait for walleye in summer.

Walleye fishing is a popular sport that is widely known by anglers. They tend to feed more in cloudy regions and more extensively at dawn and dusk.

Fishing for walleye in summer can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to choosing the right bait. But we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we put together some of the walleye lures that we think will get the job done for you! In addition, we’ve added a comparison between different types of bait for walleye and provide some of the best advice for catching them in summer. Now, let’s head out to our list.

What Are The Best 2 Baits For Walleye In Summer?

Well, in our list we’ve only chosen two. We didn’t want to make it complex for you to choose from a 5 or even 10 items list. Here is the 2 that we think are the best:

  1. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures
  2. The Fishing Lures Kit Set for Walleye

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures


Truscend Fishing Lures are made in Japan which developed a two-tone injection process using Japanese materials to provide a good balance and action. 

Top Features: 

  1. Life-Like Action: These lures are accurately shaped to be soft swimbaits to generate the right kicking action and a good swimming motion regardless of how fast you retrieve them.
  2. Ultra-Sharp BKK Hooks: They equipped it with sharp high carbon steels to increase the probability of getting fish hooked.
  3. A three-dimensional paddle tails: It helps in getting kicks and thumbs in below average speeds. They are packed with fins that ensure that the hook point doesn’t get out of the desired hooking range.


  • The color tones are realistic and natural.
  • The tail action is lively as well.
  • Low Price and high quality
  • Nice swimming action and head movement.


  • Low Durability

77Pcs Fishing Lures Kit Set for Walleye


What characterises these fishing sets is that they look very real in the eyes of the fish. Its 3D quality makes catching fish easier. 

This set comes with 77pcs divided into 6 different types of:

  1. Crankbaits.
  2. Top Water Lures.
  3. Jigs.
  4. Plastic Worms.
  5. Fish-shapes soft baits.
  6. Shrimp simulations.

The collection offers high versatility and makes it suitable for a wide variety of species. 

When it comes to durability and strength, they are made of metal and soft plastic that need some firmness and solidness to get broken.

It also comes with a free fishing tackle box that you can use for different purposes or to store another set of lures. The bait goes well with ocean rock fishing and from ponds to rivers and lakes fishing. 


  • Comes with different types.
  • Good value for the piece.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Nice quality and the color schemes are life-like. 


  • It’s more of a beginner kit, it’s not the best for pros.

What Are The Best Types Of Bait For Walleye In Summer?

A fishing lure in someone's hand with the sea in the background.

Let’s have a quick comparison about the different types of bait and lures: 

  1. Crankbait: they are most widely used for trolling. The deep diving crankbaits can descend up to 10-13 Ft. which is suitable for required depths. Even if you’re not into trolling, you should have one in your set. 
  2. Paddle tails: Fishmen tend to use them for schools of baitfish as they work will with it. You need to be aware that this technique will get you a mixed variety of species, not just you target..
  3. Minnows: The most widely used bait for walleye fishing. When you’re targeting bigger ones, use shines in the 4-6″ range. For eater sized eyes, go for flathead 2-3″ minnows.
  4. Leeches and worms: The most popular ones after minnows. Use them if you’re targeting jumbo sizes.

Need some Walleye in summer catching pieces of advice?

Fishing lure rising from the water

We’ve put together some advice to help you throughout your journey: 

Use Leeches and lighted bobbers

In the dark nights, you will need a simple system that can get you in action. The light slip bobber system will get the job done for you. You can learn more about it from here.

Use Trolling Technique For Suspenders

This is a technique where you try to catch suspenders that stay in deep water in summer. Try using a lead core line along with a 8-10 feet fishing rod and you should be able to get your lure down there. 

You can check our article about the best trolling rod and reel combo for more information.

Look For Grass

In Summer, They like to gather around vegetation. You should aim to spend more hours around weeds like milfoil and lilypads. You’re most likely to find some interesting schools of baitfish there.

Always aim for the deep

As water temperature rises in the summer, walleye tend to go deeper. They are most related to breaklines and weedlines. 

However, you should be aware deeper walleye are more aggressive during the day. 

The Bottom Line

Finally we’ve reached the end of our article. We’ve covered some of the popular luresaround there. Anglers tend to use a wide variety starting from dropshots to live baits. We hope that we managed to give you a feeling of what lures you should look for. 

We’ve also mentioned some advice (Walleye fishing secrets) to make your chances better. We picked TRUSCEND Fishing Lures and Fishing Lures Kit Set for Walleye as the best baits for walleye fishing in summer. 

If you think that there are better ones out there, feel free to contact us or let us know in the comments section below!

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