Best 4 Walleye Rods Under $100 – Reviews And Buying Guide

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What is the best walleye rod under $100? This a more common question that usually asked as many anglers  especially beginners want a good quality and performance rod without higher cost, 

Rest assured, you will find what you want in the following lines, as we will provide you with some recommended rods that we think are the best for walleye in this price range.

Not only this, But we will also provide you with a detailed buying guide about important tips that will help you in how to choose the best fishing rod for your following fishing adventure. 

4 Best Walleye Rods Under $100

4 fishing rods in front of the sea

Are you in a hurry? Here is our list: 

  1. Tica SMHA Libra Series Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod
  2. Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod
  3. Lew’s Speed Stick
  4. Cadence Spinning Rod CR5-30

Tica SMHA Libra Series Spinning Rods

If you’re not only looking for fishing walleye and a rod that is versatile enough to fish various species, Tica SMHA libra series is the right one for you. You can use it for various fish species including walleye, trout, bass and crappie. 

The rod is constructed from TC2 graphite material. Graphite is lightweight and sensitive without sacrificing its strength. It’s also corrosion resistant when it comes to saltwater applications. 

The guides are made from stainless steel which is durable and corrosion resistant. Keep in mind that stainless steel guides sometimes develop notches when used with braided lines. Tica SMHA spinning rods come with graphite reel seats. They are lightweight which gives more comfortability for long day fishing trips. 

It also comes with a stainless steel hook keeper that gives you a handy place to keep your walleye lures or flies. The rod was also designed to be in cone shape starting from its grip. The cone shape delivers more sensitivity while keeping the rod comfortable. 

Some negative points that I noticed is that the rod is a little less sensitive than expected from a graphite rods. Also It would be better if the butt was a couple inches shorter (my personal preference.)


  • Made from corrosion resistant materials. 
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Available in different lengths, powers and actions. 
  • Works well for different fish species like walleye, crappie and trout. 


  • Poor shipping. Sometimes it’s delivered with some parts bent. 
  • The rod is less sensitive than expected. 
  • The butt is too long. 

Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod

Cadence Vigor is considered the lightweight, yet strong option on our list. This spinning rod is constructed from 30-ton carbon. Carbon is the perfect lightweight alternative to fibreglass rods. They are also as tough if not tougher. However they are more rigid. They also deliver better sensitivity than fiberglass, but lower than graphite. 

Just like Tica SMHA series, it comes with stainless steel guides which are durable, smooth and corrosion resistant. They are also supported with LS inserts for better casting performance. The rod is travel friendly thanks to being available in only 2 pcs rods. 

I like that the rod is available in a wide variety of lengths and actions which makes it versatile for different fish species. The handle is made of Cork which is a positive point in the Cadence Vigor spinning rod compared to its competitors. The cork is comfortable and secure in wet conditions. However, it is less durable and harder to clean than EVA handles. Cadence also offers 1 year warranty for its Vigor spinning rod. 

There is something I don’t like, which is the tiny guide at the tip of the rod. The friction resulting from it wears the line and decreases the casting distance. 


  • Comfortable spinning rod. 
  • High Value for the money.
  • Sturdiness. 
  • Lightweight carbon construction. 
  • Wide variety of models.


  • The guide at the tip of the rod is tiny. 

Lew’s Speed Stick Walleye Spinning Rod

The rod is constructed from IM8 graphite. Graphite is the perfect material for walleye fishing rods. It’s lightweight and has the sensitivity required to feel the slight bites of walleye. Even more, the rod is supplied with a graphite reel seat for more lightweight and sensitivity. 

The handles are made of Cork. When you’re looking for sensitivity, cork is the best choice you need. That’s why you will always notice that fly fishing rods come with cork handles. It’s also more comfortable than EVA foam handles, but has low durability. 

Surprisingly, Lew’s Speed Stick offers Fuji Concept O guides. These guides were only available in expensive rods in the past. But, it’s great to find these guides in this price range. These guides save weight through its lightness. ِِAs a result, you get more rod responsiveness which is something you need for walleye fishing. 


  • Made from very sensitive materials. 
  • The Cork Handles. 
  • Supported with Fuji Concept O guides. 


  • The rod doesn’t have the strength required for heavy fish. 

Cadence CR5-30 Spinning Rod

What makes this rod interesting for its price is the carbon construction. It’s made from 30-Ton carbon which makes it lightweight and strong at the same time. It is also great for durability. The rod also offers a graphite blank to compensate for sensitivity. 

Cadence CR5-30 spinning rod is versatile and doesn’t work only for walleye, but also for bass and trout. It comes with SiC guides which are Silicon carbide guides. It’s considered the best materials for fishing rod guides. They increase the distance of casts by reducing the heat and friction to minimum thanks to their ceramic ring guides. 

Cadence CR5-30 spinning rod also offers Fuji reel seats. They are ergonomically designed and comfortable for long fishing days. It also comes with split handles which is lightweight and adds up over time and hundreds of casts. It is also available in full grips using cork and EVA handles, so you can choose the one suitable for you. I also like that this rod is available in 1 or 2 pcs versions.

Overall, I think this Cadence CR5-30 is worth being mentioned in our list of best Walleye rods under $100. I recommend getting the medium-heavy fast action model for walleye fishing. 


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • High value for the money paid. 
  • Made of quality materials. 
  • Available in a wide variety of models.
  • Versatile.
  • Includes a one-year warranty.
  • Good customer service. 


  • It’s not the most sensitive rods, but it’s one of the best in this price range. 
  • Have some durability issues. 
  • Soft and fragile tip.

Buying Guide On How To Choose Your Next Walleye Rod Under $100

someone holding a fishing rod in front of a tree and a lake

Choosing a Walleye fishing rods doesn’t have to be more complicated, here are just some important tips that will help you:

Rod length

Rod length is an important factor as it is responsible for determining how far you are able to cast on. Rod length should be chosen according to Fishing style that you will operate as follows:

Right length for jigging, spinning and picking large fish

In this fishing styles, you don’t really have to cast so far, but you will want a more easily contrable rod.

Short rods Are more efficient when you’re gunning larger fishes As it is more powerful and it lets you control your rod well. Although short rod length give a lot more control, it make you pretty limited with the narrow distance you can throw your line.

Right length For trolling

Longer rods are efficient For trolling, as it is typically made for longer casts, So a 8+ foot rod is recommended for you if you’re wading or throwing long distance walking lures. 

Right length For beginners

Most anglers recommend a 7 foot fishing rod for beginners, so it is considered a good all-round choice in your first fishing days.

Rod material

Rod material has a big impact on its performance, so you should carefully choose the right one. Fishing rods are usually made from fiberglass, graphite or a mixture of them (composite).

Fiberglass Rods

Fiberglass Rods were manufactured many years ago, and they are considered old fashioned rods. They are strong, enduring and can easily take a beating. It has a fairly low price but is not durable and also not sensitive enough to detect lighter bites.

I recommend it for newbie anglers due to its low cost.

Graphite rods

It has been used since the 1970s, graphite rods offer a lighter weight and higher sensitivity, it has a casting and handling features.

But they may be a lot more brittle as they are more stiff and it also has a higher price compared to a fiberglass rod of the same class.

Composite Rods

It combines both good qualities of fiberglass and graphite rods. It is more preferable for an angler who strives for the best performance.

Rod speed (action) 

The speed of the rod ranges from fast, medium to slow, that is based on how far the fishing rods bend.  The fast action rod is more stiff and sensitive as it lets you feel the slighter vibrations on the line,

It can also help you in determining if the bump on your line is for an actual bite or not. The slow action rods have more bend and it is more forgiving while your fishs trying to wiggle out the hook.


Rod Power can be heavy or light and it refers to the rod resistance to bending. A heavy power rod is a right choice in cases of quick hook sets and pulling fishes so quickly out.

Lighter power is good when you are going with lighter walleye baits or lures and thin fishing lines, which would not be clearly visible in open water.

Alright, you now know what goes into choosing a fishing rod. But how do you actually know that the rod you just picked up is the type you’re looking for? Well for one, almost all fishing poles have clear markings on them.

Markings on the rod

There are some numbers and letters on the rod. These numbers and letters are Symbols for important information about the rod. Let us tell you what you need to know  about these symbols.

The first 3 or 4 four numbers you’ll see refer to the rod length, then you will find the action type next. Then followed by line and lure weights.

It will become clearer to you after clarifying the common symbols that you will find on the rod:

For example a rod with Spin MH 732 Line Wt 12-15 lb, Lure Wt ½ to ¾ oz, that means that it is medium heavy 7′ 3″ rod, the number “2” after number “73” refers to number of its pieces that it is a two-part rod.  12-15 lb indicates that this rod is able to handle lines of 12–15 pounds.

And its lures are from ½ to ¾ ounces.

The Bottom Line

We hope that we have provided you with interesting information about the best walleye rod under $100.

In this article, we have presented 4 recommended budget walleye rods. We also discussed all of their details, both pros and cons of each one.

We also tried to help in choosing the right rod, by providing you with a buying guide about the most important elements to consider when buying a new fishing rod.