4 Best Ice Fishing Rods For Lake Trout – Reviews & Buying guide

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Many fishermen search for the Best Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout. Trout are among the largest predators, and catching them requires selecting an ice rod specifically for these species. They are big in size and are difficult to target.

Although trout fishing is one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences, it requires the use of special rods to handle it. Trout fish are very strong, aggressive and have the ability to fight. It is not easy to catch trout fish, so choosing a suitable type of rod makes the trout fishing experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

In these lines, we will discuss the best Ice Fishing Rod and the most important features that distinguish them. Follow us.

4 Best Ice Fishing Rods For Lake Trout

An ice fishing rod on some ice next to hole

Here is our list including 4 ice fishing rods that we think are the best for trout in the meantime:

  1. Omen Ice Jigging Rod
  2. Widowmaker Dead Stick
  3. St. Croix Mojo Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rod
  4. KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rods

Now Let’s jump into the details:

Omen Ice Jigging Rod

It is a 36 inch rod made of high quality hard graphite that ensures that you deliver the bait to your trout fish with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

The Omen Ice Jigging Rod provides you with the strength and toughness required to fight with trout to be able to beat and catch them with great ease.

The rod has a separate cork handle, made of high-quality Portuguese cork. It gives more space to be able to fight big fish, and the long gap gives you a lot of leverage and strength to overcome big fish and complete the fishing process successfully. The Evolve thin wires help reduce Icing to facilitate the fishing process.

Some Important Feature Of The Omen Ice Jigging Rod

Material: graphite

Length: 36”

Handle: split cork

Power: medium/fast

Guides Material: Evolve thin wire guide.



  • Ultra sensitive.
  • strong backbone.
  • Durable handle to efficiently fight big fish.
  • Highly efficient guides.


  • heavy rod compared to its picture.

St. Croix Mojo Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rod

The St. Croix rod is classified as a suitable rod for all anglers and species for fishing in different environments, so it is the first choice for every angler. It is made of high-strength and durable carbon fiber, in addition to its ultra-sensitive and most anti-sluggish rod.

It is hard, strong and very sensitive; it enables you to feel the most frequent hits with the stick.

Its handle consists of cork and EVA allows for a great range of grip styles, in addition to Three primary guides from stainless steel that help in keeping your trout line cool and Resistant for abrasion.

Some Important Features Of St. Croix Mojo Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rod

Length: 24”

Material: carbon

Power: ultralight/fast

Handle: cork/EVA foam

Guide material: consists of stainless steel 


  • Very-sensitive.
  • Amazing handle.
  • Good guides.
  • very Strong.


  • expensive so it is Not the cheapest option for many anglers.

Widowmaker Dead Stick

WidowMaker Ice Rod is one of the best ice rods that has a wonderful design. It has lightweight, balanced rods constructed of 30-ton graphite for getting superior strength and great sensitivity. 

Premium components of Widowmaker Dead Stick include double-diamond coated guides, ALPS thin-wire, and Portuguese cork handles with high-quality. 

Its Rods can give anglers just what they need to catch a variety of fish using very light tips that make heavier actions.

Features of Widowmaker Dead Stick

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Handle Material: Cork
  • Solid body of 36 Ton Toray Graphite blank construction
  • Hand selected with 5a Portuguese cork handle.
  • Double diamond coated guides from Alps thin wire. 
  • Pc2 flat tip blank technology that is hand selected with 5a Portuguese cork handle.


  • perfect functional ice fishing rod.
  • well designed rod.
  • Tennessee handle which is soft to the hand.
  • very sensitive and quick.
  • big enough to handle Lake Champlain.


  • not many negatives have been reviewed.

KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rods

If You want to be ready for perfect trout Ice fishing, you are able to do this with KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rods, as it has two ice rods in ONE,  and every rod includes a handle section, and so two tip sections, Once you’ve used Konvert Series Twin Tip Ice rods with, you’ll never need to use other rods.

The first one tip is for medium action and the second tip is for medium light action. These two tips enable you to make the most popular trout lures presentations by using the right rod tip. 

The Konvert Linear Ice rods of KastKing Konvert Twin are glass which make it perfect and suitable for even lighter presentations.

The Linear Ice series of this rod has the traditional Pencil Grip shape cork handle, and include high tenacity bands which hold inline or spinning reels in place easily and securely, also We even put two extra bands in the case.

The tip sections of both rod series contain Strike Tips for detection of early strike in any condition.

Linear Ice series are provided with an orange strike tip, Both of them can perform equally whether inside dark ice huts or outside in bright sun or under stormy skies. 

KastKing Konvert series ice rods contain three pieces:

  • A handle section 12” long 
  • two tips are each 16” long.
  • The total length of  each one rod  when assembled is 27” long. 

Some Features of KastKing Konvert

  • Brand:  KastKing
  • Material:  Glass
  • Fishing Technique:  Spinning
  • Handle Material:  Cork

You can pack them easily and securely inside a clear travel case with 17” long by 1 ½”  diameter. These cases can be packed easily in ice sleds or inside ice hut.


  • The Medium tip is pretty firm and has a great action.
  • The Medium Light tip is also good and efficient.
  • more flexible, quick and easy to use.
  • getting More successful fishing results than expected.


  • Not many negatives have been reported, but few anglers reported that break happened in the med-light section jigging a spoon.

What Are Some Factors To Check Before Choosing Your Next Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout?

A fisherman holding an ice fishing rod in his hands.

We will discuss the important characteristics that any fisherman should look for before purchasing his next ice fishing lake trout rod. Keep reading.

Buying Guide for thr Best Ice fishing rod for jigging lake trout

there are three main attributes can help in getting the best lake trout jigging rod: 


Fishing Rod sensitivity refers to the feel of any bite or vibration or movement of your lure. The sensitivity of your rod should be quite light and more accurate to fish out the many subtle bites.

But put in your mind, you also need a strong rod for big hooksets, so you should not go for the most sensitive rods.


A good strength for jigging lake trout ice rods is the medium-heavy range as it can give you enough strength for getting strong hooksets in and keeping them there. 


I prefer to get the length between 34 and 42 inches. You should choose between these following rod lengths and actions:

  • 36” Medium
  • 36” Medium-Heavy
  • 42” Medium-Heavy


Buying Guide for Best ice fishing rod for dead sticking lake trout


Sensitivity is very important when dead sticking. I recommend choosing an ultra-sensitive rod.


You should choose a medium rod instead of a medium-heavy one when you go for dead sticking. This helps to keep the right sensitivity to provide a good hookset while allowing your bait to be taken without much resistance.


We don’t need the same length as jigging, but when dead sticking through the ice, we need A slightly shorter ice rod somewhere between 26-34” is best pick.

Some General Features

here are some other general characteristics that you need to look for:


Trout fishing days are long days. You need to make sure that you rod is as low in weight as possible to avoid getting your arm extra fatigued and reducing your performance.


If you’re a beginner, you generally don’t want to invest too much in your gear. You need to learn first and to know what you’re doing before going to some expensive ice fishing rods. I generally recommend to stay in the under $100 range.

Also if you want to sae more money, you can go for a trout rod and reel combo. We wrote a complete buying guide for you which you can check here.

If you decided to buy each one separately, then we recommend that you check our buying guide for the best trout spinning reel under $100.

Ice Fishing For Lake Trout Tips & Tricks

I generally think that you need to see it yourself how some tips can be applied to get you better results while fishing. So, here is a small video that gives some valuable piece of advice for lake trout ice fishing:

You can also get more detailed information for the article here.


In this article, we covered the most important information about Best Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout. We presented some types of Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout. We also discussed their most important characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. We also listed some important characteristics that any angler should put in his mind before purchasing his new ice fishing rod.