8 best trout lures – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Here is our review of the best trout lures for this year.

Trout fishing is one of the most popular hobbies, not only in the United States but all over the world. Any Trout angler spends much time preparing their gear and choosing the best of them to get the best results from fishing streams. In our journey to review different trout fishing gear, we think that trout lures are a crucial part to talk about. 

In this article, we’re reviewing some recommended lures that we think are the best for trout in the meantime. We will talk about each product in a bit more detail. We also added a quick buying guide in addition to some information about trout fishing. 

What Are The Top 8 Best Trout Lures?

A group of plastic and metal lures

We know that picking the right lure for trout fishing isn’t an easy mission for trout anglers. That’s why we have compiled a list that we hope will make things easier for you while choosing your next lure. Here is our list:

  1. Panther Martin In-Line Spinner
  2. Worden’s Original Rooster Tail
  3. Mepp’s Aglia Spinner
  4. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax
  5. Rapala Original Floating Minnow
  6. Acme Phoebe
  7. Acme Kastmaster
  8. Trout Magnet

Panther Martin In-Line Spinner

Panther Martin is one of the top names that pop in your head when you think about trout lures. It’s been catching fish for around 39 years now and the popularity is growing among anglers. I like that it offers variations for different fishing situations. 

It introduced the new Holographic spinner which comes with 3 new patterns: Tiger black, Tiger green and spotted blue. The holographic finish created a kind of wild appearance along with the flash and vibrations of the blade which encourages the trout to bite. In real-world tests, the holographic lure works well with different trout species. 

You’re probably about the casting. Casting these spinners is simple. You just need to get the correct fishing line. They are also able to move through the air with minimal air resistance. Make sure to match the line weight with the lure size. Panther Martin is offering around 6 different sizes that you can use for various purposes. You can cast for long distances for better coverage and prevent spooking fish. 

You will probably enjoy using this lure in rivers. Panther Martin works in all depths of water and in all speeds of currents. You can retrieve it at various speeds without having the lure hitting the bottom. This increases the striking zone and saves you from many snags. 

My final verdict is that it’s a worthy lure that spins every time you cast it. I like the new holographic look and the great action. I also find it a good choice for shallow rivers.

Worden’s Original Rooster Tail

Worden’s Original Rooster Tail is very versatile. In addition to catching trout, it can catch nearly all panfish species. Its broad appeal is probably the reason why it’s exciting to various kinds of fish. 

The lure offers a unique spinning action with an in-line weighted body design. Its tail works in a pulsatile manner which usually attracts fish. It also contains silver, brass and copper blades. These blades create a flash which grabs the trout’s attention and causes them to strike. UV finishes are available also. UV finishes reflect sunlight, which makes it bright as long as there is sunlight. 

Another important point to talk about is how simple it is to use the Original Rooster Tail. Sometimes using a new lure is overwhelming. you have to hear a lot of complicated stuff about the right techniques to use it. This is not the case with Original Rooster Tails. All you need to do is cast them, retrieve them at medium speed and wait for your catch to bite!

You probably should select the right fishing gear to get the best results with this lure. For the spinning tackle, I recommend getting a 4 to 6 feet ultralight spinning rod. Of course, the longer the rod, the longer the distance you get assuming that you have the right rod. I also recommend getting around a 6-pound monofilament fishing line. You can also go for other fishing line types if you prefer. 

Mepps Aglia Spinner

If you heard that someone is catching fish with Mepps lure, chances are he’s using Mepps Agila spinner lure. This lure is available in 6 sizes from tiny ones to large ones. It’s also available in triple and single hook versions

Mepps Aglia is silver-plated which creates a bright white flash that makes it visible against a dark background and appeals more to fish encouraging them to strike. It’s also available in other bright colours, but it highly depends on the background. For instance, if you’re fishing in a light sandy background, picking a copper or brass would be a more suitable choice. 

When it comes to fishing trout, you’re to match the size of the spinner with the size of the targeted trout. You can go for sizes 0 and 1 for smaller streams trout and 2-3 for larger trout. 

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Blue Fox Vibrax is one of the lures that combine flash and low-frequency vibrations to attract fish. It’s composed of a 2 part body made of machined brass. It also comes silver or copper plated which creates flashes and is suitable for different backgrounds. To be honest, there are not many colours to use, but the colours provided are good.  

This lure also offers UV bright finish. This means that it reflects sunlight which creates a sort of brightness for as long as there is sunlight. The shaft is made of stainless steel which makes it durable. The VMC hook is made to be extremely sharp for quick penetration.

A downside about that lure is that it’s not the best option when hitting smaller streams. 

Back to the pros, the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax reduces line twists thanks to the brass gear built into it. It’s also responsible for the vibrating noise which attracts fish. This lure is also heavy for a spinner. This enables it to cast further than other ones. You can use it in deeper water where there is a space for long casts. 

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

You probably heard of Rapala Floating Minnows before. The great thing about them is that you can get fishing trout and use them for fishing bass too. You can use it for catching everything from northern pike to stripers, yellow perch and walleye. They will efficiently do the job. 

The lure offers a variety of colours including silver, gold, and bleeding pearl colours. These colours are required to create the flash needed to attract trout bites. It’s also available in different sizes for different fish species and sizes. Keep in mind to match your lure size with your fishing gear. 

Aside from different fishing species, this floating minnow can be used with many techniques. You can simply tie it on, cast it and reel it back. You can also crank it back to the boat at a medium speed. You have to keep your trout rod tip point down and then occasionally slightly move it forward. There are many other techniques that can be mentioned, but it needs a separate post honestly.

A minor downside to be mentioned is that the front and middle treble hooks sometimes get caught on each other. This especially happens in 4 ⅜ inch models, but it doesn’t happen very often. However, it may annoy you.

When it comes to quality, this lure is quality made. The lure is sturdy and the hooks are also durable. They hold up well to lots of fish. The lip, eyes and line tie are also well made and durable.

Acme Phoebe

Acme Phoebe is made in China and it works as a trout magnet in the water. It offers a different hydrodynamic curvature which creates a 3D illusion for the targeted species. You don’t have to worry about retrieving speed when using this lure. It’s suitable for slow, fast, deep and shallow retrievals. 

The way it’s manufactured makes it look like a full-bodied, fat baitfish in the water. This can attract some predator species. You can also use it in a number of techniques including jigging, casting and trolling. 

The absolute killer colour for this lure is “copper”. But, I don’t mean to say that the gold and silver variations are less effective. I think you probably know now that these colours tend to catch fish pretty well thanks to their flashing characteristics. 

This lure is great for most trout types. Since it’s small you can use it in small streams, but doesn’t eliminate that chance to use it in deeper water also.

Acme Kastmaster

You will probably like this trout bait. The Acme Kastmaster has been around for years thanks to its effectiveness. It works by mimicking the actions of injured baitfish. It’s equally effective both as a saltwater lure and for freshwater fishing and of course, it works for trout. Just like Acme Phoebe, you can use it for casting, trolling or vertical jigging. 

Its solid brass construction and aerodynamic design allow for long-distance casts. Long distances are considered one of its great advantages. The solid brass construction also minimises corrosion and breakage. 

Though the Acme Kastmaster lure is suitable for a variety of fish species, it’s used for trout fishing most of the time. The 1/12 and ⅛ oz golden ones are crucial for any angler hoping to get some trout back home. For backcountry and wild trout, I recommend using the 1/12 oz. version. 

The hooks are considered a disadvantage here. They are not sharp enough, however, you can easily solve the problem with a hook sharpener. You can also replace the whole hook.

Trout Magnet

Most anglers recognize this one. Named as one of the top lures of history by the field and stream magazine, this lure surely has to be one of the best trout lures on our list. This lure is made in the USA. This lure is reasonably priced and is made of high-quality plastics and bright colours that are more durable than normal plastics. 

This trout magnet offers 10 colours that suit different fishing occasions. The kit includes gold, silver and some of the popular colours for fishing trout. It’s also designed to fall horizontally in the water instead of falling vertically by head weight like other jigs. 

Finally, It’s simple to use. Use it with a light line, add a swivel on the leader and you’re good to go. 

How To Choose A Lure For Trout Fishing?

Many anglers don’t understand this part. The right lure choice can make a huge difference between a successful day on the water or going home empty-handed. From trout worms, baits, magnets or whatever you would like to call it, you probably need to choose the right one for your conditions. I would like to start this part by adding a video that demonstrates some valuable information, for those who like to watch more than read: 

Now, Let’s look at a few different types of trout lures that should help you increase your catch:

Different Types Of Trout Lures

There are different types of trout species. This includes brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, wary trout and big trout species. Each trout lure has its own advantage and certain types of trout feed on it. Here are 4 main classes of trout lures that have been proven to be effective over the years:

The Classic rooster tail

They’ve been around for years and the main reason is that they are highly effective. They run with some type of attractors like blade spins and tails. When choosing these lures, you’ve to consider the size and the colour. You should match them with the size of the fish, how aggressive it is and the water clarity. 

The Old Panther Martin

Like the above lure, it’s been around for years and they have caught many trout fish throughout the years. It looks just like the rooster tails, but without the tail at the end. Its blade thumbs in the water and catches the vibrations causing the trout to strike it thinking it’s a baitfish. 

The case here is the same with classic rooster tails, colour and size make a huge difference. 


These lures were proven to be effective so many times. Their mechanism of working differs from previous lures. They tend to impart a wobbling action through the water and act as a flasher and attract the fish to take an action. 


You may be underestimating it, but sometimes the action can make all the difference in the world. 

Classic Rapala 

This one is a bit of a whole different thing. It doesn’t depend on flash and flares like other ones. It works by mimicking the fish that your target species normally feed on. You should choose them according to the water conditions and the aggressiveness of the targeted species. 


So, What Are The Best Lure Colours For Trout? 

Having the right colour for every water condition is a must. It’s always been a debate between fishermen on which colour is the best for various fish species. Regarding trout, here are some suggestions that you need to think about:


It’s pretty obvious that fish like a flash. It can grab their attention. The other thing is that they can mimic small minnow or baitfish which makes them more desirable to trout. You should give spinners and lure with silver or gold parts a try. 

Natural Colours

Natural colours are good for wild streams. You need to keep a variety of them with you including black, brown and green. You can also combine colours and try them until you know which one is performing well. 


By weird I mean the colours that anglers use rarely. Colours like bright pink are not that popular among fishermen. However, you should give them a chance when everything fails. 

How To Catch Trout

Fishing for trout is a long story that cannot be covered in a single answer. That’s why we’ve prepared a whole ultimate about trout fishing [1] that we recommend checking from here.

Also, for video lovers, here is a beginner guide video that you should probably check, it includes some valuable information: 

The technique you will use for fishing trout generally depends on where you’re planning to fish it:

Fishing Trout In Lakes And Ponds

In lakes or ponds, There are 3 easy ways for beginners to being with:

  1. Bobber bait suspending: When using a trout bait, this is a good technique for trout swimming near the surface. 
  2. Bait off the bottom Way: you can use this technique for deeper water.
  3. Mimicking by retrieving: This is one you try to make small minnows or leeches by mi

Fishing Trout In Lakes And Ponds

In moving water, you won’t have to retrieve it because the current will do the work for you. A good technique to use is casting a spinner or spoon

Where To Fish for Trout

Trout are generally distributed everywhere. You will find them in any kind of water that is cool and well-oxygenated [2]. They like moving water that contains minnows, crawfish and aquatic insects. Trout habitats are generally classified into:

Lakes And Ponds

Trout living in these areas are known as “Lake Trout”. Some high chances places to look for there are near aquatic vegetations, around woods and in deeper water. 

Rivers and streams (moving waters)

Trout in rivers and streams are mostly wild. Normally trout lie in currents next to snags or boulders, as these areas provide protection from currents and offer well-oxygenated water.


What Is The Best Lure To Catch Trout On?

Here is our list:
1. Panther Martin In-Line Spinner
2. Worden’s Original Rooster Tail
3. Mepp’s Aglia Spinner
4. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax
5. Rapala Original Floating Minnow
6. Acme Phoebe
7. Acme Kastmaster
8. Trout Magnet

Can Trout See Blue?

Actually, yes! Trout can see blue thanks to having 4 colour receptors in their eyes. 

Can You Troll For Trout With A Braided Line?

Yes, Braid is great for trolling and It is perfect for you if you need to get down deep.Braid is also good for slow trolling. But it has very little stretch, so using a mono topshot or wind-on-leaders is very recommended. 

For trolling reels using 30-130Lb braid as backing is a good choice.

How do you fish for trout with a spinner?

It’s hard to be said in words, that’s why I included a video that demonstrates the whole process:

Final Thoughts

I am afraid that this is the end of our guide for the best trout lures. Some final words to add are that you don’t want to forget to match your lure size with your targeted trout size. Also, try to match the colour of the lure with the background and always try different colours and lures until you find out what actually works. 

We hope that our guide is beneficial for you and can help make your choice easier and good luck on fishing trout!

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