Top 3 Best Saltwater Fishing Lines For Spinning reel – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Here is our review of the best saltwater fishing line for spinning reel.

Having the right spinning reel is important. But in order to get the most out of your trip, you need to get the suitable fishing line. 

There is a wide variety of fishing line types out there and it can be a little tricky to pick a good saltwater one.

In this article, we’re recommending 3 different options that we think will do the job well. We also added a buying guide and answered some frequently asked questions about spinning reel lines for saltwater fishing

Top 3 Best Saltwater Fishing Line For Spinning Reel

A sliver spinning reel with a green fishing line spooled around it.
  1. KastKing Fluorokote.
  2. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided.
  3. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament.

KastKing Fluorokote Fishing Line


Kastking is a well known company in the fishing gear field. They reduced visibility by adding 100% fluorocarbon coating. The combination of this coating with the copolymer ensures good castability. 

Its material offers high durability, sensitivity while maintaining good abrasion resistance. It’s also budget friendly and sinks fast with its low absorption features. 

Kastking Fluorokote is versatile and suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. 


  • High abrasion resistance. 
  • Invisible.
  • Low memory.
  • Kastking offers great customer support. 
  • Thinner than regular fluorocarbons.


  • Doesn’t hold knots well.
  • Being stretchy, it may cause line breakage. 

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line


The Enhanced Bodt Technology (EBT) is the main feature that characterizes Power Pro Spectra Braided. It’s not a kind of coating, it’s a process that involves the whole line. The EBT turns it, making it smoother and rounder than usual braided ones. 

These qualities deliver better abrasion resistance, reducing rod eyelets problems. It also makes dealing with them easier. Also, a smoother and rounder line is much better in casting, thanks to moving more freely through the eyelets. 

Being a braided one, it has low stretchability, making it more sensitive. 


  • Enhanced Body Technology. 
  • Extra abrasion resistance.
  • Smooth fishing line.
  • Almost no stretchability.


  • It can break under sudden stress. 
  • Colors wear off over time due to the fiber characteristics. 
  • A little pricey.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line


It is suitable for most fishing trips as it runs well with fresh and saltwater. It’s characterised by its strength to ensure that big game fish doesn’t get away. 

It’s shock resistant design makes it suitable for energetic catches and gives you more confidence while holding it. 


  • Good fighting power.
  • Shock resistance features. 
  • Strong fishing line.


  • Retains memory.
  • Absorbs water changing the properties from dry to wet. [1]
  • Mid to high stretchability.

What Are Some Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Next Saltwater Fishing Line?

A man holding a spinning reel.

Here are a few thing to think about before making your next move: 

Diameter and Test Strength

Thicker ones are usually stronger than thinner ones. So if you’re targeting large species, you should probably get a thick one.

The drawback is that they have more friction because they take more space. This leads to reducing the amount of line your spinning reel can hold.

The Color

When it comes to fluorocarbon, it usually comes in clear colors (as invisible as possible). However, Mono and braided are different. With these types, you have to choose the right color to get the best results. 

The trick is blending the line color with the water color. If the background is greenish with a lot of vegetation and mud, you probably have to pick a great one and so on.


No one wants a line that breaks on the very first fishing trip. Durability highly depends on the quality.. You need to check that it’s made of high quality materials and even people who have tried it before. 

Abrasion Resistance

If your line is not abrasion resistant enough, you’re risking getting a breakage after a short period. The best ones are smooth enough to minimize the friction with rod guides and obstacles and water leading to lower number of abrasions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

a spinning reel on a wooden table with a blue background.

How Much Fishing Line Should I Spool in the Reel?

It depends on 2 factors:u003cbru003e1. Your fishing reel size: Check it’s body and you will know how many yards you can spool on it.u003cbru003e2. You Technique: If you’re into trolling you will need much more line than if you’re doing fly fishing.

What’s the best line for saltwater fishing?

Most Angles prefer using monofilament. It’s thin enough and offers high water resistance and strength. 

Is It Okay To Put A Braided Line On A Spinning Reel?

Yes, you can. But you’ve to make sure it’s braid ready, otherwise you will how to spool some monofilament first. u003cbru003eBraid ready means that it has some sort of plastic lining that eliminates the need of a monofilament. 

How To Put Line On a Spinning Reel?

If it’s your first time, you’re probably going to take some time to get used to it. Here’s a video that demonstrates it all: 


In this article we tried to simplify the process of choosing the best saltwater fishing line for spinning reel as possible. We’ve reviewed 3 different types that we recommend to be your choice. 

We’ve also added a quick buying guide to ease it more for you and answered some frequently asked questions that we think might pop up at your mind after reading our article. 

Let us know what you think and if you’re any better recommendations by contacting us or in the comments section below. 

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