Kastking Perigee II Spinning Rod Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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Here is my Kastking Perigee II review.

If you’re looking for a quality spinning rod that is reasonably priced, you most probably need to take a look at this rod. 

In this article, I am reviewing Kastking Perigee II spinning rod. I will talk in a bit of detail about its features. I will also summarise its pros and cons and list some alternatives for you at the end of this article, in case you’re not into Kastking products. 

In case you’re in a hurry, I find that this rod is a good beginner rod and worth buying. It offers some quality features at a good price point. Of Course it has some drawbacks like the eyelets that tend to loosen overtime and the lower durability, but there are some good features like being lightweight, the twin-tip features and the high versatility. 

Now, Let’s dive in:

Kastking Perigee II Spinning Rod Review

Top Features

  1. Quality 24-ton Carbon Fiber Blank Construction.
  2. Fuji O-Ring Line Guides.
  3. Twin-Tip Carbon Fiber Spinning Rod.
  4. Smooth Power Transition System.
  5. Specialised Computer Control Wrapping System.
  6. 1-Year Warranty.
  7. Wide Variety Of Models Available. 


  • Length: 6’6”/6’7”/6’/7’1”/7’4”/7’/7’6”
  • Action: Fast/Moderate/Moderate Fast
  • Power: ML/M/MH/H
  • Piece: 1 Piece / 2 Pieces
  • Types: Available as casting or spinning versions.

Detailed Overview

Now, let’s get a closer look at the main features and benefits of Kastking Perigee II:

The Variety Of Model And Versatility

Perigee II is quite a versatile rod as it offers a wide collection of sizes, actions and power to choose from. This is perfectly suitable for anglers who are looking to fish in different conditions and styles. This way you can pick the one suitable for your target. 

It also features 1 piece and 2 pcs versions. The one piece is better if you’re looking for higher sensitivity while the 2 pcs is more travel friendly. 

Note that you’ve to understand the difference between different actions and powers in order to be able to pick the most suitable one for you.

Affordable Price

Kastking Perigee II is very suitable for beginners who have low demands and don’t want to spend most of their budget while learning. It’s reasonably priced and offers good features, just as expected from Kastking. 

Aesthetic Hook Holder

The Saf-T keeper hook holder is made of carbon fibre. It helps keeping hooks tightly in the right position. It also looks pretty stylish and adds a nice touch to the rod. 

The Carbon Construction

The rod blank is constructed from a 24-ton carbon matrix. While carbon isn’t as sensitive as graphite, [1] it offers pretty good sensitivity that surpasses fiberglass ones. The main feature is how durable it is. You won’t worry about heavy duty work. [2]

The reel seat is made from graphite for more sensitivity. The graphite is strong and lightweight enough to comfort your hands to cause less strain on them.

It features Fuji O-rings which are made from stainless steel to add more durability. They are lighter than previous versions and also deliver more line accuracy in the water. 

While those are not as good as the high dollar ones, they are valuable for the price and will do the job. 

The Power Transition System

The hybrid spigot joint is a plus point as it helps distribute the power equally through the rod. It also helps generate ample power. It enhances sensitivity by amplification of the slightest movements under water. 

The Computer Precision Angle Control

You can incline Perigee at 4 angles  (0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰ and 135⁰), thanks to the sophisticated computer’s technological design. What does this mean? 

It means that you’ve the freedom to target various areas in various directions without having to bend your arms and shoulders too much. It helps getting more comfortable while fishing and it’s ergonomically designed. 

Twin-Tip Technology

It’s a technology that comes in 2pcs rods. It means that you can use 2 different tips for the same rod. It makes it more versatile with the ability to use different actions while buying only 1 rod. It’s a plus point that characterised Kastking Perigee II from different rods on the market. 

Convenient Two-Handed Grip

Tw–handed grips means that you can hold it with both hands. It’s good for more control over the rod and the casts. The handle is made of EVA which provides good traction and is comfortable enough to reduce the strain on your palms. 

While most people prefer cork handles, EVa grips are comfortable and will do the job. 

What Are The Downsides Of Kastking Perigee II Spinning Rod?

A man wearing a cap and fishing

You can’ expect a budget spinning rod to be perfect or equal to more expensive rods. Here are some drawback that I want to shed light one:

The Tip Snapping

It’s reported that the tip tends to snap off into two. This means that you’re losing your catch besides losing your rod of course. There are also some incidents where the tip was difficult to insert properly because of a gap between the handle and the tip.  

Low Durability

You’ve to be gentle with this rod, as it’s that durable. The tip gets broken too often and tends to break with larger fish. 

Small Grip

Though the grip is 2 handed, it’s smaller than the standard which makes the control harder than it should be. 

The Eyelets

This problem is also related to durability. The eyelets tend to loosen with time which can affect your overall rod performance. 

The Pros & Cons of Kastking Perigee II

Now, let’s summarise it in the from of an advantages and drawback:

What We Like

  • Affordable fishing rod.
  • Offers plenty of models. 
  • Great hook setting power. 
  • Comfortable handle.
  • The construction offers strength and accuracy.
  • Lightweight.
  • 2 tips for a single rod.
  • The Computer precision angle control. 
  • The power transition system.

What We Hate

  • Poor shock absorption and casting ability in the fast action model.
  • Low durability.
  • Tip snapping problems.
  • The eyelets loosen overtime.
  • A gap between the tip and the handle.


If you don’t feel the Kastking perigee is the one, here are our guides about some alternative rods that maybe useful for you:

Final Verdict

Looks like I reached the end of my Kastking Perigee II Review. I hope it was detailed enough to give you the full picture. My overall opinion is that it’s a worthy buying rod that comes in different models and high versatility. 

The construction is good, but it’s not that durable. However, at this price point, you can’t expect too much. It’s suitable for beginners who is just starting and wants to learn fishing without paying too much. It’s also suitable for experienced anglers who is not demanding alot.