St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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Here is our St Croix Triumph spinning rod review.

Spinning rods are well known for their versatility and how simple they are. However, when buying them, there are several factors you need to look for. These factors include the materials, durability, action, power and a lot more. 

One of the most famous spinning rods is the St. Croix Triumph spinning rod. I spent some time reviewing to check if it’s really worth buying. So, here is my overall opinion: 

I find that it’s one of the best spinning poles in the market. I got impressed by how versatile it is.Its main feature is the primary construction with the wide availability of actions and powers. It also comes in a good price range for the quality it offers along with a 5 year warranty as expected from St. Croix service.

So, all in all, I think St. Croix Triumph spinning pole is a good freshwater spinning rod and worth buying. Now let’s dive into more details:

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review

Top Features

  1. Premium SCII Mid Modulus Graphite Construction.
  2. Premium Grade Cork Handle.
  3. Fuji DPS Reel Seat.
  4. 5-Year Warranty.
  5. Variable Actions And Powers.
  6. 2 Coats OF Flex-Coat Slow Cure Finish.
  7. Aluminum Oxide Guides.


  • Length: 6’
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast
  • Pieces: 1 (but also available in 2 pcs)
  • Line Wt.: 6-12 lbs;
  • Lure Wt.: 1/4-5/8 oz;
  • Rod Wt.: 3.5 oz
  • Handle: 3

The above specifications are our main concentration, but it comes in other specifications according to your preferences.

Detailed Overview Of The Features And Benefits

Now, it’s time to get some sort of detailed overview about the features and downsides of this fishing rod. 

Quality Construction

Let’s first talk about the materials. St Croix Triumph is made of mid-modulus (SCII) graphite. This fibre can bear higher strain rates than other fibres. [1] The higher strain rate means that it’s offering better durability [2]. The graphite also allows high sensitivity without sacrificing strength, given you’re using the right fishing line [internal link].

It also features a high quality aluminium oxides guide. Aluminium oxides is a ceramic material that resists abrasion and thermal effects. It allows for smooth movements. For more quality, they added a Fuji DPS reel seat. It’s a well established company in the field of reel seats and delivers good performance. 

For optimum durability, St. Croix double coated its triumph spinning pole with Flex Coat slow cure finish. Flex Coat is considered the world’s #1 epoxy wrap finish.[3] It gives better protection against saltwater and weather changes. 

Comfortable Handle

The Triumph spinning rod features a comfortable cork handles. Cork handles take the shape of your hand. This means you can maintain a strong and comfortable grips even on wet conditions. 

You can also hold the handle with both your hands for better control and casting, thanks to the fair amount of cork behind the rubbery area. 

The Great Versatility (Power, Action, Sizes, Types)

St. Croix offers a wide variety of powers, actions and sizes in its triumph spinning rod. This variety adds more to its versatility and makes it a great pole for a variety of situations. 

I know that the most popular and our main focus is the medium/light 2 pcs rod. However, having plenty of options is pretty important. 

The power ranges from ultralight to med-heavy power. The power controls how much pressure it takes to flex the rod. You can choose the one suitable for your line size and lure weight. 

The Action ranges from slow to ultra light action. If you’re into smaller fish species, you should probably stick with the lighter versions. A lighter action one provides faster hook setting and much better sensitivity. 

The variety also comes in 6 different types. There are single pieces or 2 pcs for travelling purposes. Besides the spinning types, there is also a st. croix triumph casting rod for big fish and experienced anglers purposes. For travel purposes, there is st croix triumph 4-piece travel spinning rod.

Overall, the versatility is a great plus point and enables you to get a perfectly suitable rod for your fishing style. 


Surprisingly, St. Croix Triumph spinning rod comes with 5 years of warranty. This is quite assuring and is a good sign that you’re getting a quality rod trusted by the provider.

Does St.Croix Triumph spinning rod have downsides?

A spinning rod on a lake

Like I always say, even the most ultimate fishing rods has its cons. Like most fishing rod, lighter actions means lower casting ability and shock absorption. 

The lower shock absorption means you’re risking getting more stress on the link, the hook and your hand. This means you’re getting more fatigued, especially on long fishing days. However, this comes with all fast action fishing rods, not only with St. Croix fishing rods. 

Being made of graphite, it’s strong, but not the same as having a fibreglass rod. However, this is a price that you’ve to pay if you’re looking for superior sensitivity. 

Pros & Cons Of St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

So, what are the advantages and drawbacks? Let me tell you:

What We Like?

  • High versatility with a wide range of styles and sizes.
  • Good for travelling and transport thanks to its 2 pcs construction.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • 5 year warranty. 
  • Lightweight and very sensitive.
  • Tight grips with reduced slippage.
  • Durable spinning rod. 
  • Has plenty of backbone for hook sets.
  • Perfect packaging.

What We Hate?

  • The Graphite blank is not as strong as fibreglass. But, graphite is a superior quality material and won’t break under normal fishing conditions. 
  • Not for high shock absorption purposes. 
  • Reel seats come loose from time to time and you need to tighten it every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are St Croix Triumph rods made?

St. Croix Triumph rods are made in 3 places:
1. Park Falls.
2. Wisconsin headquarters.
3. Fresnillo, México
However, the variety of places doesn’t affect the quality of the product. 

Is the St Croix Premier better than the triumph?

St. Croix premier takes the upper hand because of the difference in blank construction. The graphite blank in the premier series is reinforced with advanced technology using the carbon fibre meshing. 

This way the blank is stronger than that of triumph.

What length spinning rod should I get?

There is no single best answer for such a question. It highly depends on the place and purpose. For tight places, you need a 6 feet or less rod. It also helps in accurate casts. For open areas and large distance casts, go for a longer one 7 feet or higher. 

Final Verdict

I think our review of the St. Croix Triumph spinning rod has come to an end. So, do I recommend it?

If your goal is freshwater fishing, then I highly recommend getting a St. Croix Triumph spinning rod. It’s of high quality and comes at a good price for the value. 

The high sensitivity makes it suitable for small fish like trout and panfish with its fast hooking settings. But if you’re into big game ones, you can choose from a rod that suits your needs from its various types. 

Also, its premium construction from mid modulus graphite makes it a sturdy rod. Overall, it’s one of the great picks in the market.

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