Best 5 Deep Diving Crankbait Rods – Review

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Here is our review of the Best Deep Diving Crankbait Rod. 

Crankbaits are probably the most versatile lures in the world of fishing. Any fish that feeds on smaller ones can be targeted by this lure [1]. However, Crankbaits alone won’t get you a catch. You need to have the right gear including a fishing rod, reel, line .. etc.

Today, we’re focusing on fishing rods. We spent some time researching and reading customer reviews to decide which rod is better than the other.

In this article, we’re reviewing 5 fishing rods that we think are the best for deep diving crankbaits. We also answered some important questions at the end of the article. Keep reading to learn more.

Top 5 Best Fishing Rods For Deep Diving Crankbait   

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Here is our list:

  1. St. Croix Rods Mojo
  2. SHIMANO Curado Crankbait Rods
  3. Ugly Stik GX2 
  4. Abu Garcia IKE 
  5. St. Croix Rods Bass X 

St. Croix Rods Mojo Casting Rod


St. Croix Mojo is one of the premium fishing rods in our list. It’s constructed from linear S-Glass. It’s a highly refined fiber and makes the rod lighter and stronger than usual rods [2]. 

It works with the IPC (INTEGRATED POLY CURVE TOOLING TECHNOLOGY). The IPC helps minimise the traditional points of the rod black providing higher strength and smoother actions. It also improves the sensitivity. 

It has a premium reel seat provided by Fuji with a black hood. The handle also is comfortable as it’s made from cork. For better protection against weather circumstances, it’s double coacted by Flex-Coat slow cure fishing. 

The Rings are provided by Kigan Master which is a 3D guide made of aluminum-oxide with black frames. Moreover, St.croix offers a 5-year warranty on their St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod. 

The whole rod involves the transfer of energy. You will probably notice this when you cast a good sized crankbait. 

SHIMANO Curado Crankbait Casting Rods


Shimano is a well known company in the world of fishing gear. While this SHIMANO Curado Crankbait Casting Rod is an expensive one, it comes with impressive features.

 It’s made from hybrid high modulus UD carbon which delivers lightweight and sensitivity at the same time. High modulus carbon is stiffer than lower modulus, however it’s easier to break. 

The reels seats are premium ones delivered by Fuji. They are rubberized and soft for better comfort. The Fuji guides are made of alconite. Alconite is a type of ceramic that minimizes the friction with line and delivers better casting distance and line durability. 

The handle features AAA corks which gives great durability. The Curado rod matches perfectly well with Curado K (if you’re looking for the right reel). I also like the versatility. There are different variations from this rod which makes it suitable for lots of fishing situations. 

A drawback to talk about is that Shimano Curado fishing rod isn’t a good fit for drop shot fishing. 

Overall, Shimano Crankbait Rod is one of the bests in our list with a great sensitivity and some premium features to try. 

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Fishing Rod


Ugly Stik GX2 offers a good value for a reasonable price. It’s constructed from graphite and fiberglass which creates a strong, but sensitive rod. The graphite component makes it lightweight as well. 

The guides are made of stainless steel which is durable and corrosion resistant. The Ugly Tuff guide elminiates pop outs also ,because it’s one piece. 

The Handles are EVA grips which are dense, durable and comfortable. In addition, They are also lightweight. The Clear tips design alsi works well to provide extra strength and more sensitivity. Surprisingly, Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod comes with a 7 year warranty. 

If you’re on budget, we highly recommend trying this rod. 

Abu Garcia IKE Casting Rod


Abu Garcia is another well known premium company in the fishing field. Abu Garcia IKE is suitable for a best deep diving crankbait setup. It’s lightweight thanks to being constructed from graphite. The graphite also delivers a higher level of sensitivity. 

The guides are made of durable stainless steel. They supported it with Zirconium guides which reduces the friction and wear and increases the smoothness. 

The handles are EVA-grips which are comfortable and durable. For more comfortability, they got the reel seat from Fuji. Regarding specifications, the action is fast with a medium-heavy power rod. The overall finish is quite pretty, however, it scratches easily. 

To conclude, Abu Garcia Crankbait rod is an expensive one, but it’s quite good with excellent durability, lightweight and premium sensitivity. 

St. Croix Rods Bass X Casting Rod


St.Croix Bass X rod offers a good value for the price. It’s quite sensitive thanks to being constructed from SCII carbon. The Carbon also improves the durability and strength. 

This fishing rods has some good features including:

It offers a premium grade split grips corks handle for comfortable and strong grip. A Fuji ECS reel seat with a black hood adds more to the comfortability. 

For more value, they added Sea guides atlas performance with a blacl fishing guide. The rod is double coated by Floex-Coat for further protection. 

The worst part about it is it’s poor shipping package. However, it’s backed with a 5-year warranty, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Diving Crankbait Rods

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What rod is good for crankbaits?

Depending on the size of your crankbait. If you’re into medium or deep diving crankbaits, you should probably go for a 7-8 feet fishing rod. On the other hand, a 6.5 feet rod is better for smaller sized crankbaits. 

What makes a crankbait dive deeper?

You can always get your crankbait deeper by sticking your rod into the water. It will get you about 4-5 feet deeper.

Is a medium heavy rod good for crankbaits?

Yes, they tend to work quite good with crankbaits. 

How do you deep dive with crankbaits?

Here is a video that demonstrates it all. It gives a 7 must-know tips when your fishing by crankbaits: 

The Bottom Line

Crankbaits are some of the most popular fishing lures in the world. They are versatile and loved by many anglers. Getting the right fishing rod for them is important, or you’re risking your results.

In this article, we’ve reviewed 5 best deep diving crankbait rods that we think will do the job well. We also covered some frequently asked questions. We hope our articles help you during your decision making. 

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