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Recently someone asked me what mobile fishing apps that I use the most. To be honest, I am not used to using those mobile apps that much (you can call me an old-fashioned guy).

So I spent 4 days researching the apps out there. Fortunately, I found some pretty cool apps. I got astonished at how technology provided me with information that easily boosted my fishing production.

These GPS mapping, weather tracking capabilities and much more make what we used to do in the past look like a joke! Keep reading to find out more about the hottest fishing apps out there and why I picked them.

I divided the list into free and paid apps :

Free Apps:

Fishbrain app

Fishbrain is the most popular fishing app around. It represents the largest social network for fishermen with eleven-million-plus users out on the water. It’s not only a social network for anglers, but also has some fabulous features :

Fishing forecasts

To target more than 130 species at the best time possible.

Fishing Spots

that recommends the best fishing regions for specific species.


To always remember where you found your best catch.

Fishing Logbook

to easily track your catches.


 with real-life catch data of the top baits and lures to use for specific species.

In addition to the gained knowledge and tips from other anglers’ experiences.

There is also a Premium version that unlocks more advanced data like additional hotspots, more bathymetric data.

It costs $9.99 a month for a Premium subscription

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Click here to download Fishbrain


Best detailed maps app! Whether you are a Freshwater bass-aholics, saltwater troller, fly fishing phenom – it doesn’t matter what kind of angler you are. Discover new fishing spots, detailed maps with over 20,000 freshwater waterways, 180 saltwater waterways, and 1,750 stream gauges. It continues to expand as they add new waterways every day. 

Fishidy also allows anglers access to hundreds of pro-tips and the ability to upload pictures of their catches. You are also able to make them private and available only for a few friends.

Read more about Fishidy’s where to fish articles & fishing tips here 

Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month.

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Click here to download fishidy


Its main feature is highly automated advanced GPS abilities. it automatically captures locations & details of every one of your catches like

  • Your real-time GPS route : to return to your old spots later.
  • Weather and water conditions: a built-in weather tracking system including cloud cover and air temperature (from Dark Sky), temperature, and flow (via USGS gauges) to avoid any imminent weather.
  • You can add records and photos of your catch and track the performance of specific lures or baits. It also includes Logbook, Playback trips feature and sharing profile feature. 

Download links


Apple store


The FishAngler app has four elements:

  • Detailed mapping with colored icons pinned on the map. These icons represent different pieces of information (catches, photos, etc..)
  • weather forecasts with seven-day marine forecasts to decide when to go fishing and avoid bad luck weather.
  • Logbook with close to 45 detailed catch attributes (Weather, photos, locations) you can use to organize your catches.
  • A social community that lets you connect with anglers around the globe with highly specified groups and pages.

Besides its store and feed.

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Click here to download FishAngler

Deeper – Smart Sonar

This app doesn’t include a specific feature that you can’t find in the previously mentioned apps. It was primarily designed to be used with Deeper portable sonar devices.

But even without these devices, you can still use the app to plan your next trip and maximize your catch rate by telling you the best time and location to fish with the aid of the app’s solunar calendar, weather forecasts including water depth, temperature, bottom topography.

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Click here to download Deeper Smart Sonar 

Useful Knots – Tying Guide

To avoid the pain of searching how to tie different fishing knots on YouTube, you can use this simple app. FISHING KNOTS includes pretty much every fishing knot like uni knot, Fg knot, and Palomar knots with pictorial how-to illustrations. With close to 100 knots divided into 10 categories. I think this app is the best free knots app out there. It includes everything from Binding, Climbing, Decorative to fishing knots and attaching flies, hooks, swivels, and other bait. Besides a short description of the knot.

The only downside of it is the ads which can be removed by an in-app purchase.

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Click Here to download Knots Guide


The charts king provided by Garmin Brand! it provides a wealth of up-to-date detailed charts, nautical charts, and sonar charts. It’s excellent for fishermen with no GPS units in their boats and ice fishermen with poor GPS capabilities.

What makes it different is the ability to sync with a variety of WiFi-enabled plotters that help automatically to keep you on course so that you can focus on the fishing, rather than navigating.

Some low importance features are community notes, auto-routing, and navigation modes

There is a premium subscription service Prices range from $9.99 to $49.99 with a two-week free trial available

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Click Here to download Navionics 

iAngler Tournament

There is a high chance you will end up using iAngler if you’re competitive and enjoy tournaments. enjoy the practical side of tourney fishing by hooking the biggest fish out there and winning.

participate in registered tournaments, log your catch data, track your score and compare your biggest fish statistics with those of your fellow competitors using the app’s live tournament leaderboard.

I found a feature that I really liked. You can check available local tournaments in your area using this app and register for suitable ones.

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Click here to download iAngler Tournament

Paid apps:

Bass Forecast

I chose this app because it has been rated the #1 bass fishing app by Apple and Google

It requires a premium subscription to get access to most of the content, but there is a limited free version.

Their most outstanding feature is:

  • BassForecast Rating – just enter your location and get a rate that the app gives you for today’s fishing Weather condition. It ranges from 1 (poor) to 10 (epic) and you can use a premium subscription to get it 10 days in advance.
  • After a little bit of research, they found that Good and Epic days produced 68% to 305% above average catch rates which forced me to believe that their ratings are accurate and reliable.
  • The create BassForecast Rating depending on barometric pressure, wind, sky conditions, moon phases, and temperature. 

Use the app to plan better and get better pattern recommendations in addition to their spot-on solunar feature.



Download Links

Click here to download Bass Forecast

Knot Guide

If you want to take a step further in knot tying, this app is the one to choose. The pictures are clear and concise. It uses however many steps are necessary to break knots down to where anyone can tie it depending on the knot.

It also tells you the appropriate knot for every situation in addition to a ‘favorites’ feature.

The only drawback is that it’s only available for Apple users.



Download Links

Click Here to download Knots Guide

Why You Need a Fishing App

A fishing app can give you access to so much information the will make your fishing journey much more productive.

Using GPS to find honey holes will save you time searching for those hot spots. In addition to time tracking systems that will provide you with the top time of the day to fish.

Free vs. Paid

There are a lot of fishing apps to choose from, but some of them come with a paid subscription. I recommend installing the free version of each app on your phone and seeing how it goes for you and picking the suitable ones.

Usually, you will get enough out of the free version of the app without having to purchase a premium subscription. If you are a professional fisherman, then I recommend purchasing some, which are beneficial for you.

And you can use the free trial to see if you really want to purchase it.

What to Do Next ? 

Try them and feel free to share your opinion with me. I will try to keep the article always updated with the best apps we can find. 

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