G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod Review

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Here is my G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod review.

Fly fishing is a technique where you use a light-weight lure (fly) to catch the fish [1]. To be able to do it properly you need an intentionally designed fly rod. 

In this article, we’re going to review G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod. I spent some time doing my research and I will go into details about its main features and how it can benefit you in fly fishing. I will also list its pros and cons along with some alternatives to check before purchasing your next fly fishing rod. 

G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod Review

Top Features

  1. New Taper Design That Reduces Weight And Strong.
  2. Solid Design And Components.
  3. Comes Packed With A warranty Service.
  4. Comfortable Cork Handle.
  5. Versatile And Suitable For Different Applications.


  • Length: 8′ to 9′
  • Action: Medium Fast/Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Handle: Cork
  • Pieces: 4
  • Line Wt.: 3wt to 10 wt

Detailed Overview

Now, let’s talk about how the main features affect the performance of this rod:


The rod is constructed to reduce its weight while maintaining its strength. They included a new taper which reduces the weight in the upper part of the rod. The new taper reduces the weight without sacrificing the strength required to lift your catch. The butt section maintains its strength and power to help fight big fish. 

Casting Distance And Accuracy

The upper lightweight part improves the casting distance and accuracy by allowing more line speed with a quick recovery. 

The rod also offers good sensitivity which means you can effectively use it with tiny dry flies, nymphs and casting streamers. 

The Cork Handle

G loomis Pro 4x fly rod features a deeply cut half cork handle. Cork handles are known for being comfortable as they reduce the strain on your hands. They are also good at transmitting vibrations which means they deliver good sensitivity.


I like that this rod can be used for different fly fishing applications. You can use it with weighted rigs like sinking tips. Sinking tips are a short piece of fly line that are attached between your main line and the fly to help it sink in the water.

You can also use it with floating lines, small caddis flies and other varieties of flies. It works effectively with most of them. 

It also features a lot of models for various water conditions like windy weather, fishing in the rivers, saltwater applications and models for small and large fish species. 


The power rating for most of the model is medium with line weight ranges from 3wt to 10 wt. Depending on your targeted species you should be able to choose a suitable model for you. Overall, this rod has some guts and is able to lift big fish. You can use it for species like Snook, juvenile Tarpon, Steelhead or Redfish with no worries. It can tackle many species from bonefish to large mouth bass.


When it comes to performance, this rod delivers smooth and long casts with ease. You can also check this video from Gorge Fly Shop which tells more about G Loomis Pro 4x fly rod:


The rod is considered an expensive one when you compare it to the rods that we normally review for features on our site. However, compared to the highly performing fly rods, they are all in the middle range of prices. However, it offers high value for the price with a good build quality. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of G Loomis Pro 4x?

An angler holding a long fishing rod

Let’s take a closer look on its pros and cons:

What We Like

  • A low priced rod compared to its class.
  • A versatile fishing rod. 
  • Offers high power and strength while being lightweight.
  • Travel friendly as it comes in 4 pcs. 

What We Hate

  • It’s not the most lightweight fly rod. It is still heavier than some.
  • I hate their selling page. It’s quite hard to find some reliable information about it. 


Here are some alternatives to check before making your final decision:

You can also check our latest fishing rod reviews:

Final Verdict

This is the end of our review of G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod. Overall, I think G Loomis continues to be one of the leaders in fishing rod design. In this rod, they managed to create a good balance between being lightweight and strong at the same time. With premium rods being around $500 to $900, this rod provides high quality for a good price. 

It’s alsl versatile with a wide variety of models provided for different conditions, so you need only one rod for various fishing techniques. Overall, I think this rod is worth buying and trying.