Top 4 Floating Ice Fishing Suits – Reviews And FAQs

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Here is our review of the best floating ice fishing suits.

Nobody wants to freeze while ice fishing. As the weather gets colder, you probably want to continue enjoying your fishing days. However, picking the best floating suit isn’t the easiest process ever. 

Ice fishing suits have their specific characteristics. They need to have enough insulation and to be waterproof. They also need to be breathable to push sweat and moisture away effectively. 

We spent some time reviewing several products in order to choose the right one for you. In this article, we’re reviewing 4 floating ice fishing suits that we recommend for this year. 

Top 4 Best Floating Ice Fishing Suits Reviews

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Here is our list:

  1. StrikerICE Climate Jacket
  2. WindRider Ice Fishing Suit
  3. Frabill I-3 Bib | High-Performance 
  4. Striker Ice Fishing Bib

StrikerICE Climate Jacket


The StrikerICE is one of the best floating ice fishing suits. It is made in the USA.It’s made from unique materials for heavy duty work. When it comes to warmth, it includes a removable softshell liner. You can also remove the liner and wear it on its own.

The Jacket is made from Hydrapore material which is waterproof. It’s also durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and snowfall. 

It also comes with some fishing features like cross-flow venting which controls temperature. There are also pockets for hand worming, a fast-drain hem and sleeve cuffs. 

The Jacket is supported with the Surefloat Technology which keeps an average person floating for around 2 hours. This feature is considered a life saver!

You should be aware that this jacket is for hand wash only. It also restricts the movement a little and its size is smaller than the standard. 

Overall, it’s a durable jacket that fits comfortably and provides warmth. It’s also packed with good customer service. 

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit 


Here is our windrider ice fishing suit review. Windrider provides a jacket that is packed with 3M thermal insulation to keep you as warm as possible. The bibs and jackets have double zippers that you can open a bit to protect you from overheating. It also allows for relieving without taking your bib off. 

For flotation, the jacket contains a foam that along with keeping you warm, also helps you float. However, this foam makes the bibs bulkier than usual. 

The Jacket comes with a lot of pockets for better gear storage. The pockets are large enough and hand warming pockets are included also. 

They also cared about some fine details like extra padding and reinforcements in the knees. Those will help your knees stay dry and warm even when you kneel. There are also D-ring attachments for your fishing tools. 

You can store your wax worms in the large inner mech pockets. You can also access chest pockets without fully opening the jacket. 

Note: This product runs a little small. 

Frabill I-3 Bib


A good bib comes with some good features that made it one of the chosen items on our list. Let’s talk about them in further details: 

The Jacket includes a nylon taslan shell and 100% seam sealed to keep it as waterproof as possible. A 3M Thinsulate insulation gives extra warmth and wind protection. 3M Thinsulate is an advanced fibre textile that provides warmth and odor resistance [1]. Like the previously mentioned jackets it has hand warming pockets. 

For safety measures, there are ice pick holsters and internal safety labels in addition to drainage mesh. It also has 3M Scotchlite reflective material which increases visibility even more. 

Some fine details include elastic shoulder straps, kneep and seat padding and zipper vents to prevent overheating. 

An important drawback is that you’ve to take off the whole bib just to urinate. Back to the good side, the jacket fits well with plenty of room. It’s also warm and comfortable. 

Striker Ice Fishing Bib


A made in the USA Ice fishing bib. Striker Ice Fishing Bib is made of 100% Polyester  and it’s very warm and provides plenty of room. The Bib is intentionally made of heavy use, keeping you warm and protected.  It comes with an adjustable inseam, magnetic storm flaps. It also has knee and seat padding for extra protection. 

Like other Stricker jackets, it’s made with Hydrapore Waterproof Technology to make it durable against rains and snowfalls.  It’s made with Thermadex Technology which proves a lightweight insulation for extra warmth. 

As a safety measure, it’s packed with Surfloate assistance to keep you floating for up to 2 hours which is a live saving feature. 

I don’t like the chest zippers, as they don’t come down enough to allow relieving. However the bib comes with an adjustable inseam and quality zippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A man holding a fish in the ice

Do Float Suits Work?

If it’s for children, it will keep them safe in the water. However, they are just swimming aids and can’t be considered as a safety device. I recommend getting a life jacket if we’re talking about children.

Are Ice Fishing Bibs Worth It?

Yes, of course they are worth it! No one wants to freeze while ice fishing. You need some serious protection which is provided by ice fishing bibs insulation. 

The Bottom Line

A floating ice fishing suit is crucial for both water emergencies and ice fishing. It provides the required insulation, warmth and water proofing. It’s also enhanced with some life saving measures. 

In this article we reviewed 4 floating ice fishing suits that we think are the best this year. We also answered some important questions. We hope this article finds you right and helps you through your decision. 

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