Top 3 Best Lines For Spincast Reels – Review And FAQs

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Here is our review of the best line for spincast reel.

A lot of anglers focus on getting the right fishing rod and the most expensive reel. However, they miss an important point which is the importance of getting a good fishing line. 

Your fishing lines have an impact on casting and the size of the fish that you can pull. It also can be tricky to choose the one suitable for your needs. 

In this article, we’ve reviewed 3 fishing lines that we recommend for spincast reels. We will also look at some of the spincast reel characteristics and answer some questions that might pop up in your mind while reading the article.

Top 3 Best Lines For Spincast Reels

A reel next to a wooden fishing rod
  1. Maxima Fishing Line One Shot Spools
  2. Stren High Impact
  3. Berkley Trilene XL

Maxima Fishing Line One Shot Spools


The Maxima Fishing Line was tested and proven to be strong. It offers a good knot strength and works in all water conditions. It’s also suitable for all fish species. It is almost vertically invisible in water. 

It’s also lightweight without sacrificing its durability.  It’s better to store your reels in cool water and in order to preserve it for the longest period possible. The Green color is suitable for green stained or weed water conditions.

The drawback is with the spool design. It has a notch on one side that interferes with the spinning reel when filling. It also tends to get brittle with usage, but you can solve this problem with some trimming after every use. It’s also prone to tangling. 

Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line


The versatile one in our collection. Stren High Impact mono is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. It also works with spinning, casting and trolling reels

The shock resistance feature makes it durable and withstands the hardest hits. It’s also solid enough to carry big fish without fearing snaps. 

It has 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings with it and comes in 4 colors. It comes in clear – Hi-Vis green, Low visibility green and smoke blue. 

Overall, It’s one the lines that we recommend for spincast reels and other reels of course.

Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament


Unlike Sten High Impact, this one comes in clear colours only. However, this doesn’t make it any worse. Infact, It has a lot of features to offer. 

It’s versatile and works fine with a lot of techniques and baits. It doesn’t get that many twists and kinks thanks to its smooth casting.  It’s also solid with good control to be able to catch big fish.

It holds up well when you’re around grass and weed. The stretch is also not bad and enables you to fight snags. However, if you use much force intentionally to break it, it will break eventually. 

Spincast Reel Characteristics

Spincast reels are simple enough to be ideal for novice anglers. It features a covered spool that allows the line to release evenly with simply the touch of a button. Compared to open faced reels that can release it too quickly and generate vast nests of tangled line, they are considered very simple. 

Spincaster reels has a button that enables you to switch between locked and free-spool modes. A drag adjustment is also located on the underside of the reel or next to the handle. This drag adjustment system regulates the amount of resistance a fish encounters while on the line.

However, there are certain drawbacks to using Spincast reels. Spincast reels have a smaller capacity than open faced spinning reels. I know that using a lighter line increases capacity, but it also restricts the number of species you can go for. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

A green line spooled around a spinning reel with 3 baits next to it

What Line Size for Spincast reels?

A 4-8 pound test is good enough. Most anglers use spincast reels for panfishing or fishing bass, walleye, and stripers. For all of these uses, a 4-8 pound test should suffice. Keep in mind that a lighter line will give you more spool capacity, but it will also restrict the size of fish you can catch.

What is the Best Line Type for Spincast Reels?

Monofilaments works well with spincast reels. ًWhen it comes to memory, stretch, and strength, it’s the best out there. 

Because monofilament is simple to knot, it’s ideal for teaching kids how to attach jigs or lures. When the fish tugs, the tiny stretch in the monofilament allows for some forgiveness, preventing it from breaking or the hook from pulling out.

Fluorocarbon and braided also are suitable to use. However, monofilaments are considered the best by most anglers. 

The Bottom Line

Spincast reels are easy to use and suitable for beginners. But, you’ve to pick the right line in order to get the most out of it. 

In this article, we’ve reviewed 3 options that we think are the best lines for spincast reels in the market. We’ve also answered some important and frequently asked questions to ease it more for you.

If you think that there are better options, feel free to contact us by email or let us know in the comments below.